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                                                     WHO I AM AND WHERE I'M GOING

As you can notice from the top right picture, the "Dream" began on that very day.. to perform and emulate the life, times and performance of the Great Frank Sinatra. Such was the idea and such was the Desire.. years went by and the desire became the direction and the direction became the fact and the fact became the manifest of what it is today.. A Celebration of the Songs and the Music of Frank Sinatra and other Notable crooners of the day. It is my hope to come to your venue to Entertain, Bring back Great memories and inspire the audience to a full appreciation of why I always dreamt of doing.  " Welcome to my World "

I have been fortunate enough to perform for many many folks from private parties and corporate events all over this fine Country and other countries such as Spain,  Japan, Canada, Mexico, Europe. And now I am aiming to serve you and your event...